Wednesday, November 30, 2011

7 hours in the car

Okay,tomorrow I'll be going to my village.Gonna miss me?HAHA
I'm in dilemma.what to wear tomorrow?(a jacket with a t-shirt or just a jacket?) this is harder than I thought 'cause actually I'm not going to the Shopping Mall I'm just going to my village so,what's wrong with me? *sigh
There are so many things I wanna do tonight.Playing Coco Girl,entering Looklet challenge,downloading songs and charging my phone.
Conclusion,kelam kabut sikit lah malam ni tapi,still boleh blogging HEHE

and 'till now I still can't read form 2 punya novel.At the first,ye ye o.kata nak baca so nanti next year tak payah susahsusah nak fahamkan lagi dah.but now,still tak sentuh buku tu lagi.

Okay guys,doakan aku selamat sampai kay? :) thanks.

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