Monday, December 5, 2011

Welcome Home

Yesterday I came back home from Perlis at almost 6.00 PM.Ingat nak blogging semalam tapi PENAT lah pulak.Dekat kampung,as always lah pergi memancing :D
actually takde buat apa sangat pun pergi sana just nak visit my grandma.What I do is makan and tengok TV.itu je!
Okay now,I'm BACKK! haha
and I guess I'm gonna spend this holiday with BAKING :D 
I dah search Red Velvet Cake recipe and it seems like OKAY.Cuma nak kena beli barang je.
Tak sabar nak buat and I found a name for this cake:White bloody heart 'cause dalam dia RED and icing dia putih.HEHEHEHE


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