Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello February

It's already February and I couldn't believe it.It's already 17 days I'm being a 15 years old girl.Whoahh.. It's like it's only been yesterday I'm at standard 6.Life can sometimes be something we would never expected.but seriously,we have to move on even though everything is about to fade away and when you open your eyes,all there's left is just memories.
So now I'm kinda scared of PMR.It's not the same feeling I felt when it's UPSR.When facing UPSR,at least I have some confidence but now *sigh REALLY REALLY lacks of confidence.
My mom always supports me and said that it is not impossible for me to get straight A's.I really hope she's right.By the way,GOOD LUCK for all the 2013's PMR candidates.


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