Friday, February 15, 2013

Where Is My Birthday Present?

Hey we meet again tonight.
it's already 10.42 and almost 11 PM but I am still can't sleep so I was like,hey why don't I blogging?
and here's me typing new blog post.
Okay,according to the title,my father tak beli lagi my birthday present.It's been a MONTH.
and I am pretty sad about that 'cause I still remember my last year's birthday when I asked my father a polaroid camera for my birthday present and I've waited it for SO long then my dad ended up saying,"eh bukan dah beli ke hadiah hari jadi?" and I'm just being quiet but whispered to my heart,"isn't that birthday present from mama ke?".
But on July or August maybe barulah my dad belikan polaroid camera but dianggap as 'ayah belanja'.
So it broke my heart a bit but it's okay.
And now,I don't want it to happen again 'cause now,mama dah beli dah hadiah and still waiting for birthday present from my dad:Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
Mula-mula,my dad said that dekat Low Yat,ada price yang not bad lah and the cheapest from other store.
Tapi,satu hal lah nak pergi Low Yat tu sebab jalan sesak,lepastu dengan nak parking,nak pergi jalan beli lagi.So it takes a lot of energy and time.Ayah pula busy and have no time.
and that's why lah.
But honestly,I still can wait.takde lah macam kebulur sangat.I'm just relax when it's the time,baru lah tunjuk excited tu.
This post is just about the silly me yang tak sabar nak dapat birthday present and bukanlah nak cakap buruk about my dad.Don't judge it wrong.


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