Sunday, February 3, 2013

Something That POPS In My Mind

Hey guys,this is me eating a chocolate called's really delicious so BE JELLY haha just kidding.
First of all umm..okay,this blog is actually not the blog I used to blogging.This blog is actually the old one and I have the new one but I accidentally delete the new one and I don't know why it nice people.Kinda sad about it but life must go on.right?
Recently,I just realized that I have to tell you this so that you will UNDERSTAND me.
I don't talk to people in real life as much as I do on the internet and I know there's a lot of people that have the same problem with me.and some people feels weird about it and asking why.
So let me tell you why.
In real life,if we say something,it MAY be hurt someone without noticing.BUT on the internet,we might will read the words we typed for at least one more time and we can also delete some words that can maybe hurt them(someone we're chat with or something).Can you understand it now?
Really hope you're understand it 'cause you sentences are like...*sigh

I guess we should stop here.See you later,maybe tomorrow.Sorry for my this annoying blog post.


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