Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Last Song

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Okay,I just want to announce that I will not make a new post after this.But,don't worry at 20,30 or 3 Jan,The first step I take at my new school,I will make a new post.I just take some rest.okay?
Hmm..Memandangkan This post is the last post,I will make it longer than others.Sorry,maybe it's kinda boring.Umm,Next year,I will miss u guys.I will remember our bittersweet moment too.About the 'majlis perpisahan',maybe I will not attend becoz I will balek kampong and bercuti kat Penang.It's up to u guys if u guys want me to attend too,u guys help me to change the date.If u guys malas untuk tukar,it's okay.I will not attend.But,for u guys information,I want sesangat pegi.Tapi,kalau x de rezeki,Allah dah tentukan.Hmm,Sad a little becoz maybe x dapat jumpa korang dah lepas ni :'( to u guys,Just be a good person,don't lazy and don't forget me :) 
If u guys just felt what I felt,U guys will understand.But,unfortunately.What I felt cannot be felt by u guys.One more sentence,Just Let Me Stay In Your Heart.Be Strong,Babe!


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