Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dari Musuh Jadi Kawan?

First of all,I want to sorry to Ecah,Maybe my post same with u,cume terbalek je..
I just want to tell a real story

That Day,I buat sumthing hingga mengeluarkan pen-pen I,and than,Bile dah berterabur,hmm..tau-tau je la..OFC hilang..After that,I've been looking around my class,sumenye x jumpa..
Mlm that day,My fren,Aina..Tuisyen with this guy..and then,die nmpk my pen(wrne pink) d'guna leh that guy..and liquid paper sab pon ade..(I guess cite die cmni,tp,x ingat antara aina or someone else..lantak lah cite die cmne..yg penting ade cite.hehe)and tomorrow's morning..I Tanya la that guy yg sama tuisyen ngan aina(x sure) tuh..pastuh,die ckp...ade sorang bdak nih,kwn die(gang)CURIK!and I btol2 mrh..Pastuh,I Tanya die..and die bagi balek ngan muke slumber..haha.nak tegelak pon ade,mrh pon ade..tapi,yang peliknya..skrg we're friends..and mcm bende tuh x penah jadi..hoho

Okay,That my story for this post...

Hope you'll enjoy this story..this is true story tau!

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