Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's Just Do The Best

Hello everybody!
How's it going on internet? It's about 3 days I'm offline.
Yes,I'm study for the examination and tomorrow's gonna be the last day.
PHEWH! reading books are just so EXHAUSTING,seriously.
On the first day of exam,I guess.I had stomach ache and it's really makes me so-not-focus-on-exam.
But lucky me,on the next day I felt better.
and now,with a BIG SMILE and a BIG HEART I'm doing nota sains because esok cikgu nak.What to do or say,homework is still gonna be homework(What am I saying?!).I have to do it anyway.
Kalau tak buat,no marks for me.WHAT A CRUEL WORLD!
Like Birdy(singer) said,"You can tell the world you're tired.But the excuses,they won't work".
(Sorry gambar besar.Tapi,I really like this picture.Hope you love it too)

I really hope result kali ni taklah teruk sangat macam tahun lepas.
Doakan yang terbaik for me,okay? thanks :)


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