Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's All About TODAY

Hello :) I baru lepas mandi and it feels so REFRESHING! hee
Okay guys,WHAT'S UP? Sorry memang agak lama tak make a new post.MMM
Just now,I felt like to do something NEW in my blog.Likee some people letak video and some people buat contest lah apa lahh kan? NOW,I want to put something JUGAK in my blog.
Maybeee a parody lyrics HAAA okay tak?
I hope you guys SETUJU lah 'cause I memang dah takde any idea lain and kalau you guys ada cadangan lain,HELL YEAH y'guys have to inform me in this post comment kay?
Thankyousomuch <3
Today at school,Mira,Milyn,Fareza,Sabrina colour their nails.Actually,not really THEIR NAILS but,on a seletip and seletip tu diorang lekat dekat nails diorang.HUHH
And Sabrina nail dia warna BLACK&YELLO(tak habishabis) Milyn,GOLD(kaya lahh sangatt)jk Mira,tulisan M.I.R.A and Fareza pula,T.H.E.F.U.C.K.B.R.O (ish3)
and I was like,HEYY I punya nail ORIGINAL je okayyy? HAHAHA

Y'guys,try tengok this video.

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