Friday, February 17, 2012

Bad Day

Lately I had a bad day.Don't know why.
I'm just gonna stand up,be strong and keep holding on.
Today,started my day as always but nottalkingtomira.
We had a fight and aku rasa bersalah sangat.
To Mira:If you are reading this,I'm so sorry for hurting you.You are my best friends and I hope you could be my BFF.I don't want to end this friendship like this.Hope you will forgive me.
Today,Alhamdulillah My Geography notebook has been checked.
Nasib baik tak kena marah dengan Cikgu Hasan and tak kena tolak markah periksa.Okay next,Top Gear Geography pulak.Keep hoping time cikgu hasan semak takde yang salah or whatever.
This year,Busy gila and tak banyak free time and I always waiting for school holiday.Bila lah nak cuti ni? I just want to rest!
Okay,I'm running out of words.My head's empty and no idea at all.Let me think what to tell you guys.UHHH
I guess nothing dah nak cakap.Goodbai,readers!


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