Friday, October 14, 2011

Became Reality

Dream or Imagination?I can't bezakan.Actually,I don't know weather it's a dream or MY imagination.MMM
Last night/today's morning I dreamed/imagined I tak bawak buku PREP english(teacher Emily suruh bawak) and I photostat m/s yang kena buat.Semua orang macam hairan lah.Then,teacher Emily datang dekat aku and POOF! it all disappear.
Out of the blue(Mira hate this 4 words),I came to school just now and bila time English,for who yang tak bawak buku tu teacher suruh pergi photostat m/s yang diperlukan.I was like,-___- eh NO!I was like O_O!
Seriously? Dream really do comes true! :D

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