Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brand New Me ;)

About the title,actually ambil dari title song Miranda Cosgrove(brand new you).Okay,tengah tunggu tweet Maria Elena ni but looks like dia takkan reply kot.HMM takpe lah.Just forget about it
UHH,brand NEW me!I've felt like something NEW entered my life.JYEAHH,new girlfriendsss,new teacherss,new school dan semuanya lahh BARU :D
I'm NOT trying to be someone else but,I'm trying to be more COOL(cehhh!) No matter what happen,I will still be ME :) maybe berubah sikit jyeahh,sebab I'm growing up so,possible lah pemikiran pun BERUBAHH kan?
BUT,I WILL NEVER FORGET ABOUT THE PAST EVEN aku berjalan ke depan(know what I'm saying?GOOD!)

ILYSM my girlfriends!(smkde,skts2,sradt)
Sorry,takde gambar BERSAMA semua lagi :) but,gambar lama boleh tak?

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